Real Racing 3 cheats

Top Real Racing 3 Cheats 2018 You Need to Know

Real Racing 3 cheats

Real Racing 3 Cheats, Tips & Strategies

Are you looking for Real Racing 3 cheats and tips? We have the best Real Racing 3 cheats 2018! Find out how to get the best cars and unlimited money in Real Racing 3.

Real Racing 3, published by Electronic Arts, is one of the best racing games out there for iOS and Android.

If you love racing games, you can play also CSR Racing 2 game.

So let’s go.

Our Real Racing 3 cheats works on android, iPhone and iPad.

With Real Racing 3 online hack you can generate unlimited money, so you can upgrade your car.

It’s easy and it takes only few minutes to generate R$ and gold into your account.

Below you can find Real Racing 3 generator 2018:

Real Racing 3 cheats hack 2018

How to get free R$ in Real Racing 3

You can get R$ via the following methods:

  • You get R$ by winning races (at least get into top 3)
  • You get R$ by unlocking new events and/or series (which is through winning races, or at least get into top three)
  • You get R$ by achieving 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% completion of series
  • You can always pay for R$, but we try to avoid that.

However, you also get two special modifiers

  • You can optionally double your race winnings by hiring manager (free or 1 Gold)
  • You get a “daily bonus” for playing every day, up to 100% of race winnings, for your first race per day.

You spend R$ on

  • New cars
  • Maintenance when your car gets a bit beat up

RR3 promises extra R$ if you race friends who’s online, and if you race every day you get a daily bonus of up to double your winnings in R$, though only for the first race that day. You can take advantage of both by finding your “money race”.

How to get free Gold in Real Racing 3

Gold comes from the following methods:

  • You get 3 Gold per driver level advancement
  • You get extra gold and R$ for achieving 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% completing of series. Go to series, then go “left” to see the info panel telling you what bonus you can expect next.
  • You can do the “free offers” for some gold, like watch ads, or try the trial offers. Go into “store”, then “gold”, and finally, “free”.
  • You can share your racing success via social network for 5 gold
  • And you can always pay real money for Gold, which we try to avoid.

You can spend gold on almost anything, mainly to ‘save time’, such as:

  • Spend gold on “VIP treatment”, which cuts the maintenance wait time
  • Spend gold on immediate car delivery instead of waiting X hours
  • Spend gold on immediate maintenance rather than wait
  • Spend gold on immediate upgrades instead of waiting X hours
  • Spend gold on special premium upgrades (gold only)
  • Spend gold on special cars (gold only… Cobra 427 is 240 gold!)
  • Spend gold on additional mechanics (3rd one is 50 Gold!)

Frankly, I play every once in a while, not in long sessions, so I *never* hurry any repairs, delivery, and so on. If I need to wait, I’ll go do something else, then come back.

And I don’t get every upgrade for every car. If the car seems to be not getting much for the upgrade, save it and spend it on something else.

You can get free gold if you hit store, gold, then click on the free button. Simplest is watch a couple video ads for other games… You get 1 gold for like a 15 second video. And there are usually 2 per day. There are a bunch of other offers to try, but those would require more data entry.

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