Stack Jump Cheats

Stack Jump Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Everything You Need to Know

Stack Jump Cheats

Stack Jump Cheats & Tips for Android, iPhone & iPad

Today we come with Stack Jump cheats, tips & tricks. Stack Jump is a new game by Voodoo where your goal is to jump up an ever-growing stack of blocks. The higher you go, the better your score will be.

You can play and use Stack Jump cheats on all android and ios devices.

How to get all characters in Stack Jump game?

You don’t need to download any Stack Jump apk to get all characters. One of the easiest ways to unlock new characters in this game is to simply play over and over. There are several characters that you can acquire after playing a certain number of games. You also get characters for playing daily. You can find all characters below:

Teal Alien – Unlocked after three games
Blue Bird – Unlocked after 25 games
Yellow Chick – Unlocked after 100 games
The Owl – Unlocked after 500 games
Robot – Play two days in a row
Yellow Robot – Play four days in a row
Smiling Robot – Play seven days in a row

Another way to get new characters is to get betters scores.

Dracula – Get 30 points in one game
Frankenstein – Get 100 points in one game
The Mummy – Get 250 points in one game

You can unlock some characters only after you complete certain levels.

Sword Knight – Unlocked after completing Level 2
Axe Knight – Unlocked after completing Level 12
Viking Warrior – Unlocked after completing Level 36

Last way to unlock characters in Stack Jump is to make a number of normal and perfect jumps. It’s hard, you need to try many times.

Little Rascals Dog – Make 250 perfect jumps
Pig – Make 1,000 perfect jumps
Bear – Make 5,000 perfect jumps
Bok Choy – Make 500 normal jumps
Eggplant – Make 2,500 normal jumps
Tomato – Make 10,000 normal jumps Stack Jump Cheats Hack

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