Merge Dragons Cheats

Merge Dragons Cheats & Tips: Unlimited Gems

Merge Dragons Cheats

Merge Dragons Cheats – How to Get Unlimited Gems

Have you started to play Merge Dragons and now you’re stuck in the game? We’ll help you in the game with the best Merge Dragons cheats and tips. Merge Dragons is a new zen-influenced match-3 game by Gram Games. In this game your goal is to merge three or more of an object in order to create an even better object or to bring dead squares on your board back to life. You can use the rewards from these levels to add to your own dragon camp, livening it up and buying new dragons, dragon homes, and other goodies.

With our Merge Dragons cheats you can earn more gems and progress faster.

You can use these Merge Dragons cheats, tips and tricks on all android and ios devices.  You don’t need a jailbroken device, I’ve tested them personally on my iPhone 8.

How to Get More Dragon Gems in Merge Dragons?

There are 3 ways to get free Dragon Gems in Merge Dragons. So let’s start.

  1. Sometimes when you do a level’s quests, a Purple Dragon Star will fall to the land instead of a normal, yellow star. You can tap them for Dragon Gems. But Dragon Stars are very rare. Up to 3 can fall at a time, but then they won’t show up again for a while.
  2. How do you get even more Dragon Gems? If you get Purple Dragon Stars in a level, do NOT tap them! Instead, leave them there. They’ll show up in the reward menu for you to bring home, where you can then save up and match them for a Magnificent Dragon Star. Tap that for lots of Dragon Gems of various sizes. Match any of the Dragon Gems that you can to level them up before tapping to collect them!
  3. If you wanna get unlimited Dragon Gems in Merge Dragon game, you can use our Merge Dragon online hack. With Merge Dragon generator you can generate the amount of Dragon Gems as you want. It’s easy and safe to use. Just connect below to the Merge Dragon online hack, generate your Dragon Gems and have fun!

Merge Dragons Cheats Hack Online

Top 5 Merge Dragons Tips You Need to Know

  • One of your first quests in your main base is to build 3 new dragon nests. Don’t do what I did and get all excited and build them before you get the quest. You won’t get more stone until quite far into the levels.
  • On the topic of nests – don’t merge them. The nest can only rest 1 dragon at a time, so if you have 6 dragons you’ll want 6 nests. Don’t be an idiot like me and merge all your nests into 1 super nest and then have 1 nest rest 15 dragons.
  • On the topic of dragons and resting – you’re generally better off (in the beginning) with not merging your dragons (assuming you can find enough stone for the nests). A level 1 dragon has 1 stamina, while a level 2 dragon has 2 stamina (but requiring 3 dragons to merge). Only merge if you’re running out of nest space.
  • Someone put here that the purple stars you find in missions will come back to camp with you – this is an extremely good tip! Always tap them once when they drop and don’t tap the gem that comes out. This allows you to bring both the gem and the star back to base and to merge them later for some epic gem gains.
  • Always, always, always, merge in 5s. Merging in 5 gets you 1 extra of whatever you are merging. Interestingly this makes it better than merging in 6 as that just means you lose out on 1 resource. This is even more important in your home base as resources can become scarce.

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