MARVEL Strike Force Cheats

MARVEL Strike Force Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide

MARVEL Strike Force Cheats

MARVEL Strike Force Cheats: Everything You Need to Know

Marvel Strike Force cheats are finally here! We’re happy to share with you some Marvel Strike Force cheats, tips and strategies for this deep RPG set in the Marvel Universe.

MARVEL Strike Force is a turn-based RPG mobile game by FoxNext for Android and iOS platforms. The game is considered to be popular such as MARVEL Future Fight and MARVEL Contest of Champions.

So let’s see some Marvel Strike Force cheats and tips below.

Complete your daily missions. These will help you gain many resources and level up fast.

Gold is used to purchase supplies and improve your characters. So that’s why we use Marvel Strike Force generator.

This Marvel Strike Force online hack lets you generate unlimited gold and orbs for free.

Marvel Strike Force cheats works on all android and ios devices. It’s easy and it takes only few minutes to generate gold into your account. You can finally boost and improve your characters with unlimited gold.

So what are you waiting for?

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MARVEL Strike Force Cheats Hack Online

How to Unlock More Characters for Free

I”m sure you’ll want to try out other characters in Marvel Strike Force, so you can find below five ways to unlock characters in Marvel Strike Force for free.

  • Log in and play every day – Not only does Marvel Strike Force have a login calendar that gives you stuff, including character shards every few days, just for logging in, it also has daily objectives you can find via the big bright button that says exactly that in the bottom-right corner of the main screen. If you do nothing else each day you play, be sure to clear out the daily objectives. They’re worth it in their own right, but clearing the daily objectives a number of times can unlock a new character for free. For example, at launch you could unlock Wolverine by clearing the daily objectives seven times.
  • Use Auto Win on Campaign battles – Every third stage of each Campaign chapter offers character shards as a possible reward for beating it. Clearing it with three stars allows you to use Auto Win, which is a great way to grind out shards for a specific character. It also encourages you to keep advancing through the Campaigns as that will open up more shards you can farm in this fashion.
  • Check for Events – As we’ve already noted, Events are where you can unlock specific characters just by playing through a series of battles. Every time you hit a level with a multiple of 10, you should revisit active Events as you may now be powerful enough to tackle a previously locked battle and earn even more shards.
  • Play Arena battles daily – Arena wins don’t get you any shards on their own, but the Arena store does have a selection of shards for sale that changes daily. If you stay active, you’ll receive Arena Credits every 24 hours and be able to spend them on shards you want when they rotate through the store.
  • Play Blitz mode too – You’re probably sensing a pattern here that almost every game mode is the path to shards, and you’re right. The Blitz milestones also grant shards at certain levels, though you’ll typically need to reach at least the sixth milestone to start getting them, which takes some doing. That said, once you’ve got a pretty powerful roster, Blitz should absolutely be part of your daily playing rotation. On top of that, the Blitz store is pretty similar to the Arena store except with its own currency and daily shard selection.

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