Legendary Game of Heroes Cheats

Legendary Game of Heroes Cheats, Tips & Tricks 2018

Legendary Game of Heroes Cheats

Legendary Game of Heroes Cheats: How to Earn Gems Quickly

Need more gems to buy Hero Cards in Legendary Game of Heroes? Find out all Legendary Game of Heroes cheats, tips & tricks.

Legendary Game of Heroes, created by N3twork Inc, is a fantasy puzzle RPG game for the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the Android platform.

Enter the fantasy world of Korelis and assemble the ultimate team of Legendary heroes. Quest, battle, collect and evolve in the most immersive and strategic puzzle RPG game ever.

YOU are Legendary! Begin your adventure today!

So le’ts start with our Legendary Game of Heroes guide.

Join a guild as soon as posible because you get honor points.

Guild membership is the best way to earn mana for Awakening your heroes, and sending and receiving gifts is only available to Guild members.

You’ll get 30 honor points each time a player picks one of your cards as their ally card. You will aslo get honor points if hey choose you for Craft Potions, Bounty Hunt, or any of the other timed quests.

With honor points you can buy Honor XP Packs. These packs are guaranteed to come with one hero of three-star rarity, plus other goodies, including gold, an XP potion, stamina, and a catalyst.

Gems are the game’s premium currency. With your gems you can buy card packs. But the question is how to get gems quickly in Legendary Game of Heroes?

With our Legendary Game of Heroes online hack you can generate unlimited gems into your account for free.

Just connect to Legendary Game of Heroes generator below.

Legendary Game of Heroes Cheats Hack

It takes only few minutes to generate gems into your account. It’s not required to have a jailbroken device, just an internet connection.

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