Hero Hunters Cheats

Hero Hunters Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Hero Hunters Cheats

Hero Hunters Cheats: Level Up Fast & Earn Unlimited Gold

Find out the best Hero Hunters cheats, tips & strategies to help you succeed. Hero Hunters is a new third-person shooter game available for Android and iOS devices.

3 Ways to Earn Gold in Her Hunters

This gold is essential because you will require it to buy hero crates, which give you fragments to buy more heroes. No gold means no new heroes so get grinding to get that gold.

First of all you must do your daily quests if you want to speed up your rewards. You can get silver chests multiple times a day and gold chests every few days, both of which include various currencies and hero fragments.

There are lots of ways to earn gold in Hero Hunters. Once you unlock Hard Mode make sure to play all the missions your team can enter because a three-star ratings gives you 20 gold.

Third way to get gold is Hero Hunters Hack. With Hero Hunters online hack you can generate unlimited gold into your account. It’s easy, it doesn’t require jailbreak, you need only a internet connection.

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Hero Hunters Cheats Hack Online

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How to Earn Fragments in Hero Hunters

To unlock new heroes, you require hero fragments. There are different means by which you can earn more fragments. The most basic mean is by Gold or Hero chests. Every time you open a chest, there is a chance of winning hero fragments.

Another easy way to earn fragments is by completing single missions. Some hero fragments will be dropped after certain missions while if you play in hard mode, you get even more fragments. You can repeat old missions as many times as you want to earn more fragments.

Every time you play a mission, some stamina and a token will be used, 2 for some. As long as you have tokens and stamina, you can continue to grind these missions for hero fragments.

Hero Hunters Tips: Guide for Beginners

Quick Win Tickets in Hero Hunters

Below you can find more useful Hero Hunters cheats and tips to be a top player.

After you complete missions, you’re rewarded with loot and items needed to level up heroes; at the beginning of the level, you’ll see what you can get by beating that level, but it’s not guaranteed. Using Quick Win Tickets lets you instantly gain the loot as long as you beat the mission with a 3-star rating. Quick Win Tickets are not rare, so there’s no use in racking them up. The Black Market, completing Daily Quests, and completing Achievements all reward you with Quick Win Tickets, and if you reach higher VIP levels, you’ll receive daily Quick Wins.

PvP Gems

Just like Bucks, PvP Gems are used to buy Hero Fragments, but instead of coming in a Silver Crate, you can buy them directly from the PvP Store. These are awarded for kills in PvP mode, so if you’re able to get balanced matchmaking you can start racking up as soon as you unlock PvP mode.

How to Earn Gauntlet Gems in Hero Hunters

Lastly, Gauntlet Gems are earned from Caches in Gauntlet mode, and they are used to purchase Hero Fragments, Gear, XP, and Gear Fragments in the Gauntlet Store. You can use gold to refresh the Gauntlet store, but it will automatically refresh over time, so don’t feel like it’s necessary to fork over your hard-earned gold for this.

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