Gardenscapes Cheats

Gardenscapes Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Gardenscapes Cheats

Gardenscapes Cheats: Get Unlimited Coins and Stars

How to get more coins in Gardenscapes? In this post we have just released the best Gardenscapes Cheats and Tips to gain coins fastly and 100%. We’re talking about Gardenscapes game, developed by Playrix, one of the world’s top mobile games developers. Maybe you remember Township game, first available as an Adobe Flash application on the social-networking website Facebook. Gardenscapes was one of the most-played games on Facebook. And now with mobile gaming on the rise, New Acres is on its way to become one of the best games on the app store. For the uninitiated, the first game combined hidden object with simulation. Players had to renovate a garden but before that they had to solve hidden object puzzles to rebuild it. The new game combines match-3 with gardening sim. In New Acres, you will need to beat match-3 puzzle levels to earn stars. The stars can then be used for rebuilding your dream garden. Everything from cleaning the ground to changing benches to decorating the garden requires stars and many tasks will require more than one star. You will have to make the most of explosives and try every trick in the book to win levels. With the help of these Gardenscapes cheats, tips and strategies, you will know how to get lives, earn bonus coins and take advantage of power-ups to complete objectives faster.

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How to earn more coins in Gardenscapes: Guide

Stop wasting money to buy coins in Gardenscapes game. Follow our 3 Gardenscapes cheats to earn free coins.

  • One thing to do is to connect your game to facebook, in this way you will get a thousand free coins.
  • You can also earn coins as a reward for completing levels in the game, and by default, you’ll only earn 50 coins per completed level. But if you finish a level with some unused moves, you’ll get bonus coins corresponding to the number of moves you had remaining at the time the level was completed.
  • Another way to get coins bonus is to complete a variety of tasks.

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