Fishdom Cheats

Fishdom Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide

Fishdom Cheats

Fishdom Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Do you need some help in Fishdom game? We share the best Fishdom cheats and tips for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Fishdom is a new aquarium game, created by Playrix Entertainment. Your goal is to earn money to fill your aquarium with fish, decorations, and comfort items, but the way that you earn money is by playing match-3 games.

Since every round that you play is timed, speed matters, and making more combos can shake up the board quite a bit, causing you to find combos that will help finish the stage, where combos didn’t previously exist.

How to Earn Coins Quickly in Fishdom

Every level has some achievements. Completing does achievements will give you gems/coins. For more information about achievements tab the trophy button in the game. After saving enough gems you’ll be able to buy power-ups, which can be used in the upcoming levels.

In order to get boosters you’ll have to make combinations with more than three candies. This way it’s easier to complete the levels in Fishdom Deep Dive. Try to plan your moves one step ahead. It will make it a lot easier to get the right colors/tiles next to each other and make the big combinations. The pieces you combine the better the booster is.Finishing the stage as quickly as possible, and when you finish a stage quickly, you earn more bucks towards buying things for the aquarium. Buy new fish, new comfort items and new decoration items in equal proportions. When you fill up all three of the bars, you get a new trophy. When you earn the trophy, start the process all over again.

Fishdom Cheats Guide

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