Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Cheats, Tips & Tricks


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Cheats

Are you stuck in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius? We’re here to help you with some useful Final Fantasy Brave Exvius cheats, tips and tricks.

FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is a free-to-play role-playing game developed by Alim and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android devices.

So let’s see Final Fantasy Brave Exvius cheats and tips.

In battle, you can do auto-battle right from the start, but the auto-battle completely ignores your limit breaks, magic, and item usage. When you are fighting a tougher enemy and you need to change up your strategy, turn auto-battle off completely and take control of your characters so that you can use limit breaks, magic and items to your advantage.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius features a full story mode, but you can unlock new game modes and earn a ton of rewards by completing story quests. Each stage has a set of achievements that will grant you in-game currency, Lapis, and other useful items — use that to summon new characters and make an even stronger party. Keep an eye out for special story campaigns that let you play through each stage for half the normal stamina cost as well.

Hit up the weapon and armor shops immediately as soon as you reach a new town. Once your equipment shopping is done, then you can go to the equipment menus for each individual character. Hit “optimize” in order to automatically equip the best equipment for your character.

Play daily and get rewarded. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has daily login rewards that change every month, but if you log in daily you can get a variety of rewards. You can get the best rewards if you log in at least 28 days out of the month, so don’t forget. Once you log in, complete daily quests by playing story or vortex missions, arena battles, or doing other quick things in game. You can get 50 Lapis per day if you do five quests, and that adds up quickly. Beginners – there are also rookie quests that you will complete as you go through the story, so don’t forget to grab those rewards as well.

Also when you come to a new town area, talk to all of the villagers and you’ll receive plenty of side quests. These side quests will earn you special prizes, such as equipment that you cannot buy in a store, or a crafting recipe for a new spell or a rare piece of equipment, or even to synthesize a new character.


The colosseum is a great way to get some starter equipment and items, and also a great source of Lapis. Beginners should focus on completing the Colosseum, but the Arena is also a great source of daily rewards—participate in five battles to maximize your earnings. The Arena also provides weekly and monthly ranking rewards, as well as providing medals that can be exchanged for a variety of items. Colosseum and Arena battles don’t use stamina, so be sure to use your five Arena orbs when they fill up.

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