Deer Hunter 2018 Cheats Hack

Deer Hunter 2018 Cheats: Everything You Need to Know

Deer Hunter 2018 Cheats Hack

Top Deer Hunter 2018 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for the newest Deer Hunter 2018 cheats and tips? Certainly a lot of you have played previous Deer Hunter games, but definitely the 2018 version is the best. Deer Hunter 2018, created by Glu, is a free-to-play first-person shooter in the Deer Hunter franchise. So do you want to be a better deer hunter? With our Deer Hunter 2018 cheats you’ll learn how to become a pro deer hunter. We’ve collected for you the best Deer Hunter 2018 cheats, tips and strategies.

Deer Hunter 2018 Cheats: Guide for Beginners

Are you a new player in Deer Hunter? We’ve prepared a Deer Hunter 2018 guide for beginners also.

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As with before, you sometimes need to shoot an animal in various body parts in order to finish the mission, such as the head, lungs, or heart. If you do, and you have some of the infrared camera left, use it for as short of a time as possible so that you can see where the heart or lungs are located in an animal, because they will be in different locations for many of them. Leave it on if you have to (usually for the heart) but for something big like the lungs, shut it off ASAP when you are done.

Oftentimes you will need to fill up on your hunter bucks in order to upgrade your weapons enough to go on to the next stage. If you do, then go back to a level that you have already beaten, preferably the last one as it will usually give you the best cash reward. Play again and again as often as you need to in order to get the cash you need for the required upgrades, then move onto the next level whenever you can.

Otherwise, if you get stuck on a level, luckily there are many different level branches that you can play, and side quests that have nothing to do with the main missions. Go to these levels to increase your skill and your hunter bucks. Gradually all of these will add up, and with enough upgrades you can then take on the boss of the region that you’re in.

Beat the boss literally as soon as you can, so that you can move onto the next tier and buy the required guns. Try to save up some money beforehand so that you can have a little extra for a better next-tier weapon, or at least for an upgrade or two after you purchase the weapon itself.

How to get unlimited gold in Deer Hunter 2018

Gold is the premium currency of the game. If you need more gold in Deer Hunter, you can go to the IAP store to earn some free hunter bucks if you don’t want to spend the money to purchase any. To do this, go to the free part of the IAP store menu and you will have an option to either complete offers or watch videos in exchange for free gold.

But we’ve found a glitch in Deer Hunter 2018. It’s possible to get unlimited gold in Deer Hunter 2018 with Deer Hunter 2018 online hack. You don’t need to download any Deer Hunter 2018 hack apk. Just connect to Deer Hunter 2018 generator and generate the amount of resource you want.

Deer Hunter 2018 Cheats Hack Apk Mod

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