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Color Switch Cheats for Android and iPhone

Color Switch Cheats

New Color Switch Cheats and Tips

Color Switch is a new game by Fortafy Games for the iOS and Android platforms with over 190,000,000 downloads worldwide! In this article you will find out helpful tips and tricks for Color Switch. Get the latest Color Switch Cheats for android and iphone!Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch color with some powerups. You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it ! For those looking to improve their high scores in this newest tap-fest, here are best Color Switch cheats, trick and strategies.

Color Switch Trick: Pause the Game

While there is no time limit, there is also no way to save progress. If you pause and close the game, you’ll be able to pick up where you paused. Start tapping before you unpause so you won’t drop too low and crash; just be gentle so you don’t catapult yourself too high either. If you quit, your position will not be saved. The pause button is awkwardly located in the top right corner of the screen. If you think you may want or need to pause, definitely practice a few times while the stakes are low. You’ll likely need to use your other hand to avoid crashing.

The highest score in the game 999, however, real players show up around 400. While that may seem daunting, Fortafy’s official Facebook page uses a score of 15 as a reasonable milestone- so aim for that. We are quite sure you can get to 15 with practice, determination and some of these tips.

Color Switch Hack Apk Mod

How to cheat in Color Switch

In order to keep the ball sitting evenly while you are waiting for the right color to come up, tap at a rate of about 2 taps per second, or 120 beats per minute, in order to keep it bouncing at the same level. Tap faster when it’s time to go through the matching color, but don’t tap too fast or you might run into the other side of the shape before the right color comes back around to the other side.

Since the last update, there is now a new way to earn stars besides collecting them when you earn points. When you finish a round of the game, you’ll see an offer pop up offering free stars in exchange for watching an advertisement video. Tap that and let the video play out in its entirety. Once it is done, you will earn 30 stars. Repeat until you have enough stars to buy the new skins that you want.

Reverse mode is a new mode that has you going down instead of up, but, like challenge mode, this is also level-based. You still bounce up when you hit the screen, but it now requires a whole new type of timing to get through the circles. When holding in place, though, the timing is the same. Bounce before you hit the bottom of the obstacle (or the top of the obstacle if you are above it), then fall through when you can.

Race mode is the same thing is challenge mode, but with one exception. You have to race against a ghost circle, which will, after the first play through, be your own ghost circle, but during your first time playing, it will be a preloaded one. If you don’t beat the ghost, you lose, even if you cross the finish line.

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