BLEACH Brave Souls cheats

BLEACH Brave Souls Cheats for Android and iPhone

BLEACH Brave Souls cheats

Bleach Brave Souls Cheats and Hacks

BLEACH Brave Souls, created by KLab Global, is an action RPG based on the popular anime and manga Bleach. Follow of the story of the anime and follow Ichigo in his journey to become a true Shinigami. Build a team of your favorite characters from the Bleach universe and battle alongside other players! This game has an awesome community on reddit. With our BLEACH Brave Souls cheats and tips you can easily pass all levels and earn unlimited resourcs. Bleach Brave Souls cheats are very useful for beginners.

How to get free Spirit Orbs for Bleach Brave Souls

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Bleach Brave Souls cheats works on all android and ios devices. No need to have a jailbroken device.

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BLEACH Brave Souls cheats hack online

Bleach Brave Souls Guide for Beginners

We have prepared for you a complete Bleach Brave Souls guide for begginers. All Bleach Brave Souls strategies you need to know before you start to play.

So let’s start.

1. Get all three stars in the levels!

On each level there’s three stars for you to earn. The first star is rewarded for just clearing the level, the but other two have special conditions that you must meet. They usually require you to beat the level within a certain amount of time or not to let any of your allies fall in battle. Either way, you should strive to meet all the objectives! For every star you earn on a level, you’ll receive a precious Spirit Orb that lets you summon more allies.

2. Dodge roll!

Enemies will flash red when they’re about to unleash an attack. Use this knowledge to your advantage and stay on the move! Pull off a couple of attacks, and then when you see the enemy flash red, dodge roll out of the way! You can dodge roll by swiping the screen. Practice this and you’ll be able to get through a level without taking any damage!

3. Complete the Orders!

On the left side of main menu are “Orders”. These are essentially optional objectives just like the extra star requirements. Orders are split into four groups – daily, weekly, free, and event. They correspond with how long you have to complete them before they refresh. Orders are worth coins, soul tickets, and other valuable goodies. Be sure to complete them and collect your rewards!

4. Exploit your enemies’ weakness!

Each character is assigned an elemental affinity, and they all trump each other. Red elements beat green elements, green elements beat blue elements, and blue elements beat red. Then you have the purple and orange elements, which beat out each other. On the stage select screen, you can see a preview of what kind of enemies you’re going to face. Make sure to bring a character that has the elemental advantage!

5. Power up your characters using the Soul Tree!

Each character has their own unique “soul tree”. The soul tree is a spherical grid that grants your characters permanent increases to their stats. In order to unlock nodes on the soul tree, you will need power crystals. These are found in the levels, so make sure to destroy all the objects you can see and take down every enemy.

6. Save your spirit orbs!

Spirit orbs are the only way you can acquire new characters, aside from having summon tickets. Those are pretty hard to come by though, so your main method of summoning will have to come from your spirit orbs. You can get these through events, and by getting all the stars on a level. Don’t spend them on replenishing soul tickets or anything like that; you’re going to need them for more characters!

7. Augment extra charaters!

Sometimes you’ll receive extra characters that you probably won’t end up using. Augmentation allows you to sacrifice a character to power up another character. Be sure to do this to level up your favorite characters faster. Augmentation provides a huge experience boost, so try it sometime!

That’s all for Bleach Brave Souls! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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