MARVEL Contest of Champions Cheats

Best MARVEL Contest of Champions Cheats 2018

MARVEL Contest of Champions Cheats

All MARVEL Contest of Champions Cheats you need to know!

Are you stuck in Marvel Contest of Champions game? We have collected for you the best Marvel Contest of Champions cheats and tips you need to know. Marvel Contest of Champions is a mobile fighting game where you tap, swipe, and hold on the left and right sides of the screens to perform different attacks and movements. It seems a bit complicated at first, but if you put some time in and follow this MARVEL Contest of Champions beginner’s guide, you’ll be sending your enemies crying to Stan Lee in no time.

MARVEL Contest of Champions is a game developed by Kabam. It was released on December 10, 2014 for iOS and Android. The fighting game is primarily set in the Marvel Universe. All the characters you can play as throughout the game are referred to as champions. These are characters you will no doubt recognize from MARVEL movies, comics, and other media over the years.

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MARVEL Contest of Champions Hack and Cheats 2018

You’ll start off the game with two champions already in your arsenal, but they are pretty weak, and you’ll be able to get better ones as you progress. To receive new champions, you’ll need to pick up crystals and crack them open to see what’s inside.

While the game will occasionally reward you with crystals that will give you a chance at new champions, the main way to get champion producing crystals is by collecting the premium currency in the game known as Units. You receive Units as you progress through the game and defeat enemies or buy using real money to buy them via an in-app purchase.

Once you have enough units to purchase a premium hero crystal (100 units for one), you’ll be able to open the crystal and receive a random champion.

Upgrading Champions

You start the game with two champions that are both going to be rank one, which is the lowest rank in the game; however, you can upgrade heroes throughout the game and make them stronger. There are two ways to increase the power of your champions; you can enhance their level or increase their rank.

Level Up Champions

To level up your champions you’ll need to use something known as ISO-8. It’s a radioactive isotope that;s popular in the Marvel universe and in this game it powers up your characters!

You’ll collect ISO-8 as you complete quests, open crystals, and defeat enemies. When you go to level up a champion, it will take a certain amount of ISO-8 to power them up. Once you have given them enough ISO-8 to level up (as indicated by the gauge at the bottom of the screen picture above), you’ll also need to spend some gold. Both the amount of ISO-8 and gold you need to level a character up will increase as their level increases.

You can’t level up a character indefinitely, the will eventually reach a level cap. The only way to power them up once they have reached their cap is to increase their rank.

Increasing Champions Rank

Once you have increased a champion to their max level, you’ll need to power them up further by increasing their rank. Essentially, when a champion gains a rank, they get an extra star, and their stats reset to the baseline for a champion of that rank. Remember, the higher the rank, the stronger a champion can become in the long run.

Increasing a champions rank is done by using Catalysts, which you receive randomly throughout your time completing quests they are pretty rare and incredibly valuable, so make sure you use them on the right champions!

Marvel Contest of Champions ISO Farming Guide: Tips, Tricks and Hints!


There are two types of quests you can embark on in MARVEL Contest of Champions, Story Quests and Event Quests. Both types operate practically the same, but there are a few key things to know about how quests work.

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